wintrydrop (Ain)

2D artist for video games.
I cry over fictional characters.
An all-around crafty puffin.

Dimensions: A Naruto Artbook (2021)
Home of Filipino Music Digital Magazine (2020)
Vocaloid Tarot Deck Zine (2021)
Here is a Brighter Garden: A DDLC Zine (2022)

Hey there!I'm wintry but you can also call me Ain!
A Filipina artist based in Spain.
Works at vivastudios & DigitalArtsGames.
Budding #vndev. Loves adobo & tragic characters.

What software do you use?
Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, 3ds Max, 3d Coat
Are your commissions open?
At the moment, no. I currently have great freelance work and a cool full time job as a video game artist . :)